Since our company was founded almost 40 years ago, the following guiding principles have shaped our corporate philosophy. They are both a mindset and a commitment.


Our business is a family business. That makes us independent.

We think in generations, not quarterly figures.

We are entrepreneurs, not administrators.

We don't tell what to do, we show how to do it.

We implement according to the rules of art.

We have the courage to take risks where others may shy away.

We always go the extra mile - for 110% quality.

Reputation stands over growth.

Respect, appreciation and tolerance for everyone.

Ownership is an obligation - today and tomorrow.

Ulrich Erben | 2021

DAS WIE AM WAS: With just a few technical measures - the virtuoso HOW - the artist succeeds in generating the greatest possible WHAT: By initially appearing to imitate a supposedly familiar reality with painterly skill, on closer inspection he ultimately leads us to a point of view that creates a new reality.