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Values create future

Ever since the company was founded, the path of our development has been determined by an amalgam of values which is both a source of direction and our obligation. Our self-image and particular company style ("Source of inspiration and creativity") are demonstrated in 10 core values


The Droege Group has been an independent, family-run consultancy and investment firm for over 25 years. This independence gives us the freedom to determine our own corporate actions and pursue long-term goals. We have combined our family-business structure and strong financial resources to form a family-equity-business model. Our independence guarantees trust and consistency.

     Entrepreneurial spirit

We are entrepreneurs by conviction and passion. We practice "corporate entrepreneurship" through our own portfolio and offer our business expertise to our consultancy customers as long-term partners – we call it "entrepreneurship as a service". We also encourage entrepreneurial ideas within our company, supporting individual initiative and responsibility by our staff.


As a family business we do not think in quarterly figures – we strive for long-term, permanent success. We are committed to the development of our company over generations and strive to lastingly promote and ensure the continuity and growth of Droege Group through consistent leadership from external managers and appropriate family members.

     Commitment and conduct

Our company success is based on one key principle: Not just saying what has to be done, but showing how it is done. We are pioneers in this realization-focused philosophy. By taking corporate risks in the shape of performance-based fees or shares in added value achieved we illustrate our commitment and show our passion when carrying out a task.


Innovation is the driving force in our business system. We consistently develop our implementation skills with innovative ideas. For our own range of service we place our faith in the mega-trends of the future and position ourselves at an early stage, using entrepreneurial courage and a feeling for tomorrow’s ideas. We have created the Droege Ventures program as an innovation platform for our associate companies and external customers.


Quality is a crucial distinguishing factor in our work. We focus on "doers" – people who are passionate and enthusiastic, people who can impress us with their technical skills. Our aspiration, both inside and in the public area, is expressed by "110% quality focus". Our "Source of inspiration and creativity" approach serves as common goal for our entire group’s staff, giving them identity, purpose and an intellectual challenge.

     Customer focus

We strive to achieve unusual solutions for our customers, sharing corporate risk. We act as sounding boxes for our clients so that we can better understand their needs and offer them tailor-made solutions. We carry out cross-disciplinary work, together with science, art and culture, to create exceptional ideas and solutions.


Trust and the highest integrity standards are our benchmark when dealing with partners, customers and competitors. We only make promises we can keep, and uphold all agreements. We put reputation and quality before growth. Our attitudes and actions are guided by an "honorable merchant" approach.


As a group of companies which operates worldwide, we currently employ staff of over 50 different nationalities in more than 30 countries. We strive to achieve fair, service-oriented dealings based on appreciation, respect and tolerance, and give preference to co-operative partnerships over solo ventures. Our corporate culture is characterized by flat hierarchies, openness, and dialogs in a clear and straightforward language.


„Commitment to ownership" is part of our identity. We take responsibility in society and are active both in developing countries as well as in our headquarters city of Düsseldorf. We promote art as a driver for innovation, and encourage heightened perception through our "source of inspiration and creativity" approach.




You identify yourself with our values? We should get to know each other!


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