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Experts "on Demand"

30 Years of Network Building

Implementation of value enhancement programs is accompanied by the systematic establishment of a network of experts. Exceptional experts do not have an unlimited availability. For 30 years we have been continuously developing our own system for the acquisition of specialists through the international group organization. These external competencies supplement our value enhancement teams as required (Operations-Team, Deal-Team, Portfolio-Management).

DroegeExpertConnect (DEC)

Through our cloud-based specialist platform DroegeExpertConnect we can specifically target an exclusive pool of expert networks and can select and match these according to the required tasks. As such we ensure that we have the right specialist, at the right place, at the right time.

Networks for your benefits

Our expert market-place, DroegeExpertConnect, provides you with:

  • Executive Manager at C-Level (CEO, CRO, CFO, …), who we know personally
  • Interim managers who are carefully selected and advised
  • Senior advisors who provide their own experience as managers
  • Board members (Board of Directors, Advisory board), with high boardroom-level professionalism
  • Excellence partners for implementation, communication & change, digitalization etc.
  • Experts for meta consulting, for the targeted search of implementation partners
  • Young professionals from our university-scouting and traineeship program
  • Start-ups through Droege Ventures, for the innovation of business models

Over the years we have developed and expanded our expert-platform to be a central element of our business model. DroegeExpertConnect enables customized solutions, is successfully proven and highly efficient. The central motto is that quality and experience are the main drivers.

...we deliver value

We are happy to make contact with you if you wish to share (contribute or provide) your background experience as a C-level manager, interim manager, as an individual area/functional/industry-expert, Senior advisor, Board/advisory Board member.

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Thomas Scheffold

Thomas K. Scheffold

Chief People Officer
Poststraße 5-6
40213 Düsseldorf

Uwe Wittwer

What we see is not a bouquet of flowers by any means. Indeed, although we see colours and shapes that may be reminiscent of bouquets, they diverge so definitively from this idea that we are struck by this breach of our trust. Mastering the “how” of our seeing and actions – beyond the reality that we initially perceive – is the special faculty of the selected experts and specialists with whom we work.

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