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Servona Group is a leading manufacturer of medical instruments and medical-technological products in Germany.

Key Points

  • Manufacturer of medical instruments - Specialist in tracheal cannulas and ventilation technology
  • Specialist marketing in the national home-care market in an organized manner throughout Germany to supply medical products to patients on behalf of the health insurance companies.
  • Direct selling of medical equipment (B2B) throughout Germany as well as internationally.
  • Growth strategy and building an organization through targeted acquisition of manufacturers of medical equipment and home-care service providers with qualified client structure.
  • The main site is in Troisdorf near Cologne. Other locations include urban centres like Berlin, Dortmund, Hamburg, Erfurt. 


Troisdorf, Germany

Value enhancement strategy

  • "Servona" Brand development
  • Core features: Excellent service quality
  • Strengthening our competence in the field of medical technology
  • Close to customers -Expanding the regional presence of the organisation
  • Developing markets in new countries
  • Buy-and-Build - Growth resulting from selective acquisitions


Medical Technology

Home-care service

Acquisition of share

December 2007



Servona GmbH

Jörg Riemann

Managing Director


News about Servona

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