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Dutech Holdings Limited is a global leading system manufacturer in the area of safety technology and ticketing machines, listed on the Singapore Stock Exchange. With the subsidiaries Tri Star, Format Tresorbau, Deutsche Mechatronics, Metric Group/Almex and Krauth Technology the Dutech Group has a worldwide presence in all major markets such as Asia-Pacific, the Americas and Europe. 

The headquarters are in Shanghai (China). In addition there are production and delivery locations in Nantong (China), La Habra (USA), Hannover, Mechernich, Eberbach and Hessich-Lichtenau (Germany), Swindon (UK) and Rosario (Philippines). Dutech has high research and development capacities for integrated customer solutions (hard- and software) plus large, scalable production sites at the highest level.

In the area of high security products the world market leader Dutech develops and manufactures, as an Original Design Manufacturer (ODM), safes for cash point machines (UL and CEN Certified), cash management systems, rifle cabinets, safes for protection of data, fire-proof safes and safes for protecting valuables.

The business solutions division of Dutech is a leading solution and service provider for systems that collect, validate and process data. The group develops and manufactures ticketing and parking systems, slot machines, mobile data acquisition devices as well as electromechanical products and parts for the automotive industry. The client base includes European railway companies, international retail chains, companies operating in the public passenger transport and international industrial companies.


Shanghai, China

 Value enhancement strategy

  • Global market growth as a result of increasing requirements of safety and mobility
  • Growing global automation and digitization
  • Cross-divisional use of global distribution and production locations
  • Increasing the depth of value-addition and the product range (heavy investment in R&D)
  • Expansion and use of the global service offer
  • Targeted acquisitions - "Buy & Build" and post-merger integration


Safety technology
IT-/electrical engineering

Acquisition of shares

September 2011



Dr. Johnny Liu Jianyan

Executive Chairman & CEO

Dutech Board of Directors

  • Liu Bin (Executive Vice Chairman)
  • Tang See Chim (Lead Independent Director)
  • Graham Macdonald Bell (Independent Director)
  • Chen Zhaohui, George (Independent Director)
  • Dr. Hedda Juliana im Brahm-Droege (Independent Director)
  • Christoph Hartmann (Independent Director)
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