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Operations teams restructure, digitize and enhance medium-sized companies 

Key Driver for Value creation

Connected to the "commitment towards execution" and the resulting high speed of execution is the recognition of innovation and digitalization the key driver of our business model. The transformation of (successful) similar business models requires digital developments in order to generate future growth.

Restructuring and turnarounds, result enhancement programs in all value drivers and operative excellence have established themselves as our core competence:

  • Addressing of restructuring and growth issues in parallel
  • Coverage of all business requirements - "in-house competence"
  • have done it a 100 times - "no surprises"
  • Long-term "do-how" experience - "Senior People"
  • Strict control of the implementation process
  • Thorough experience in change management programs
  • Global reach
  • Benchmarking und Best Practices

Dr. Ernest-W. Droege



Karin Kneffel

The artwork of renowned artist Karin Kneffel asks for an in-depth investigation. If the observer only looks at "the What", he will miss out "the How". The What, i.e. the egg itself, is not very curious. It is common sense. But the How, i.e. how the egg is illustrated as a figurative element in the painting, becomes the focus of interest. Design for our eyes and our brain - becoming the center of implementation and expressing the "How-competence" in our work.

Watch Art Concept


In the art perception and creation are one.
This rule corresponds to our aspiration of implementation.

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