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Direct Investments as an "Evergreen" Investor

Droege Group has an investment platform that carries out equity-financed direct investments in “special opportunities” with a focus on medium-sized companies and spin-offs as a majority shareholding. With its family-equity model Droege Group is not exit-oriented but pursues a long-term investment strategy, structured into a diversified industrial holding. Added to this it is entrepreneurial approach which combines the influx of fresh capital with management resources with expertise and "do-how".

Investment focus

As an active investor with a long term investment horizon Droege Group looks for national and international medium-sized companies as well as for carve-outs and spin-offs:

  •     A need for restructuring, underperformers and turnarounds
  •     The generation of synergies for existing Droege Group platform-investments
  •     Growth potential in cases of operational support
  •     A sales volume of between 30 m€ and 1 b€
  •     EBITDA margin between negative and +10%
  •     Majority shareholding (minority shareholding for existing shareholders (Owner-Buy-Out) possible)

Frank Tanski | Dietmar J. Langer

Co-Heads of Investments


Stefan Kürten

In turnaround situations it is paramount to quickly identify accessible potential. This is often hidden in existing structures. Stefan Kürtens plate of art shows, how evident the overlooked can be, if you look at it very closely and recognize the details. Droege Group’s value enhancement program enables realizing and sustaining these hidden potential.

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