Wednesday, 15. March 2017

Trenkwalder launches Facebook Chatbot

Trenkwalder presents the first adaptive recruiter chatbot that enables job applications via Facebook messenger.

“Our chatbot allows Austrian and German candidates to apply for our job without leaving Facebook,” explains Martin Jäger, CEO Trenkwalder. Michael Pries, SVP Marketing at Trenkwalder, adds. “With 4 million Austrian and 40 million German users, Facebook is the most important social media platform for us.”

The chatbot is part of Trenkwalder’s digital strategy, which aims to simplify job search and application process – regardless of where job seekers are, in the subway, in a cafe or in the gym. Chatbots are virtual assistants that communicate with people by understanding, interpreting, and responding to input. Chatbots can also suggest relevant recommendations in real-time. The Trenkwalder chatbot is based on the Facebook Messenger, which is used by more than a billion people worldwide. Actually, more than two-thirds of all Facebook members use the messenger daily.

The Chatbot is available via Messenger app for iOS and Android as well as under The digital agency “LINKS DER ISAR” in Munich is responsible for the technical implementation. Their Botomatic technology enables conversations in real-time.

Links to the Chatbot:

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