Tuesday, 11. February 2020

Mondia and ALSO sign a strategic partnershipfor cloud gaming services

Mondia,  a  leading  private  mobile  technology  company  together  with  ALSO,  a  European  technology provider,  and  Ludium  Lab,  a  cloud  gaming  technology  company,  announced  today  the  signing  of  a strategic partnership to bring cloud gaming to markets around the world.

This agreement will leverage the latest streaming technology to provide digital cloud gaming experiences to Mondia’s reach of over 1 billion connected subscribers.

Mondia’s lead in digital experiences serving top tier operators together with ALSO and Ludium’s expertise in cloud  gaming,  will  provide  seamless  integration  of  world-class  technology.  Cloud  gaming  is  now  the  biggest disrupter in the $160Bn* global gaming industry with mobile gaming leading as the most popular segment.  This service  is  perfectly  timed  to  deliver  the  ultimate  gaming  experience,  enhanced  by  next  generation  5G technology and devices. «Our  partnership  with  Mondia connects us with a range  of  new customers, and  together  we are removing the entry barriers, making interactive enterainment more accessible. This technology is optimal on both 4G and 5G networks  to  bring  cloud  gaming  to  the  masses.  Additionally  Mondia  and  ALSO  can  leverage  ALSO ?s  global platform partner ecosystem in 82 countries to expand our joint reach for Mondia ?s SaaS offerings» says ALSO ?s CEO, Gustavo Möller-Hergt.

Operators will benefit from speed-to-market in solution deployment and gain access to a catalogue of rich and evolving content, hosted on-premise or in the cloud. This will allow for lower cost of operations and ownership. Users  can  take  advantage  of  hassle-free  consumption,  free  from  hardware  specifications  and  from  storage requirements.«We are shaping the future of digital services, and this partnership will ensure our leadership position in cloud streaming which is the next shift in content consumption. With the introduction of cloud gaming, end-users will benefit from the ultimate on-demand experience» said Mondia’s CEO, Amadeo Rahmann.

Direct link to media release:https://www2.also.com/press/20200210en.pdf

Contact person ALSO Holding AG:
Manuela Rost-Hein
Head of Communications ALSO Group
Phone: +49 151 14040215
E-Mail: manuela.rost-hein@also.com

Contact person Mondia:
Nicolas le Roux
CMO Mondia
Phone: +971 50 557 5041
E-Mail: nicolas.leroux@mondia.io

ALSO Holding AG

ALSO Holding AG (ALSN.SW) (Emmen/Switzerland) brings providers and buyers of the ICT industry together. ALSO offer more  than  550  vendors  of  hardware,  software  and  IT-services  access  toover  100  000  buyers,  who  can  call  a  broad spectrum  of  other  customized  services  in  the  logistics,  finance,  and  IT  services  sectors,  as  well  as  traditional  distributionservices. From the development of complex IT landscapes, the provision and maintenance of hardware and software, right through to the return, reconditioning and remarketing of IT hardware, ALSO offers all services as a one-stop shop. ALSO is represented  in  23European  countries  and  generates  total  net  sales  of  approximately  9.2  billion  euroswith  around  4  000 employees  in  the  fiscal  year  2018.  The  majority  shareholder  of  ALSO  Holding  AG  is  the  Droege  Group,  Düsseldorf, Germany. Further information is available at http://also.group


Mondia  connects  people  to  digital  experiences  and  brands  to  endless  opportunities.  By  understanding  where  the  markets are  going,  understanding  where  tech  fits  in  and  using  that  knowledge  to  identify  solutions  that  boost  businesses  and  shift user  experiences.  What  makes  Mondiadifferent  from  other  international  digital  tech  companies  and  a  leader  in  delivering extensive  content  and  digital  services,  is  our  ability  to  tailor  existing  offerings  or  custom-create  new  ones  to  solve brand/business challenges. We believe in possibilities. We connect to the future. More information: https://mondia.com

Ludium Lab

LudiumLab is a technology startup -based in Barcelona -that stemmed from a spin-off from the Polytechnic University of Catalonia  in  2012.  In  this  spin-off, a  group  of  researchers began  developing a new cloud  streaming  technology.  The  team has  been  working  forover  a decade  to  perfect  interactive streaming  in  order  to  achieve  its  implementation  with maximum quality  and  at  a  low  cost.  Ludium  Lab  provides  services  to  other  companies  (B2B)  and  SoraStream  is  its  first  product designed for consumers. More information: http://ludiumlab.com

Droege Group

Droege  Group  (founded  in  1988)  is  an  independent  advisory  and  investment  company  under  full  family  ownership.  The company  acts  as  a  specialist  for  tailor-made  transformation  programs  aiming  to  enhance  corporate  value.  Droege  Group combines its corporate family-run structure and capital strength into a family-equity business model. The group carries out direct investments with its own equity in corporate spin-offs and medium-sized companies in «special situations». With the guiding principle «execution -following the rules of art», the group is a pioneer in execution-oriented corporate development. Droege  Group  follows  a  focused  investment  strategy  based  on  current  megatrends  (knowledge,  connectivity,  prevention, demography,  specialization,  future  work,  shopping  4.0).  Enthusiasm  for  quality,  innovation  and  speed  determines  the company’s actions. In recent years Droege Group has successfully positioned itself in domestic and international  markets and operates in 30 countries. More information: https://droege-group.com


This press release contains forward-looking statements which are based on current assumptions and forecasts of the ALSO management.  Known  and  unknown  risks,  uncertainties,  and  other  factors  could  lead  to  material  differences  between  the forward-looking  statements  made  here  and  the  actual  development,  in  particular  the  results,  financial  situation,  and performance of our Group. The Group accepts no responsibility for updating these forward-looking statements or adapting them to future events or developments.

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