Monday, 4. February 2019

ALSO Holding AG realigns its subsidiary in France

The aim is to strengthen cooperation with local resellers.

On 1 February 2019, Guillaume du Roure took over as Managing Director and Chief Customer Officer (CCO) of ALSO France. As Senior Vice President Mergers & Acquisitions, Laurent Mitais, the former Managing Director of ALSO France, is now responsible for M&A projects at Group level –from negotiation to integration. Marc Hia Baile will succeed Guillaume du Roure as Managing Director of the French ALSO subsidiary LAFI. He will drive the development of innovative technological solutions for LAFI customers such as Internet of Things, as-a-Service and 3D printing.

"For us, France is an important market in which we want to grow sustainably with our ICT services in the coming years. That's why we are reshaping our organization," says Gustavo Möller-Hergt, CEO of ALSO Holding AG. "In particular, we want to continuously expand our business activities in cooperation with our resellers in order to serve existing and new customers even more efficiently.”

As part of the new organization, Guillaume du Roure took over as Managing Director of ALSO France on 1 February 2019. In this function, he will report directly to ALSO Holding AG. With this move, ALSO strengthens the relationship between the local branch and the holding company on the one hand and the partnership with the resellers on the other. As former Managing Director of the French ICT reseller LAFI, Guillaume du Roure has many years of industry experience and first-hand knowledge of the current challenges facing the industry.

LAFI, a wholly-owned subsidiary of ALSO, will in future also report directly to ALSO Holding AG in Switzerland. Marc Hia Baile became the new Managing Director of LAFI with effect from 11 February 2019. He has many years of experience in various areas of the IT sector such as telecoms, manufacturing and distribution. In his new role he will be responsible for the development of innovative technological solutions such as Internet of Things, as-a-Service or 3D printing to meet the future needs of LAFI's customers.

Laurent Mitais, the current Managing Director of ALSO France, was appointed Senior Vice President Mergers & Acquisitions effective 1 February 2019 and will play a key role in the expansion of ALSO Holding AG. In his new function, Laurent Mitais will lead a large number of M&A projects within the Group –from initial negotiations through to integration.

"In my function as Managing Director of ALSO France, I would like to strengthen the cooperation with resellers and support them with tailor-made offers and services", says Guillaume du Roure. "With our team, we will develop solutions that not only cover the transactional but also the consumptional business. We are convinced that the French market offers ALSO great opportunities to deliver end-to-end financing, pre-sales and services to our resellers".

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