Monday, 19. July 2021

ALSO helps

The technology provider promises its resellers and their customers in the affected regions rapid assistance for the companies affected by the natural disaster.

ALSO was dismayed to see the worrying pictures from the affected regions in Rhineland-Palatinate and North Rhine-Westphalia. Only gradually is the full extent of the damage becoming clear. The company has therefore been actively approaching its customers since the weekend to offer help to affected businesses in this situation. The resellers and, of course, their customers, who are now counting on them, should be able to act as quickly as possible in order to tackle the reconstruction. Andreas Ruhland, spokesman for the management of ALSO Germany: "In a situation like this, it is important to help in an unbureaucratic way. Hardware, setting up networks or data centres, drones, trackers, practical help - tell us what you need most urgently right now, and we'll see to it that it gets to you as quickly as possible. "To do this, ALSO customers can simply send an email to with the keyword "flood relief". ALSO employees will get in touch immediately and organise the help.

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Janet Spacey PR
ALSO Germany GmbH

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