Thursday, 16. January 2020

ALSO adds further 3D printers to its range

Technology provider ALSO is continuing to expand its 3D technology portfolio. Newcomers to the range are the DWS and Leapfrog professional 3D printers and the Sculpto entry-level model.

ALSO is thus further enhancing its profile as a leading provider in the area of additive manufacturing.

Deployment scenarios for 3D printers range ever wider, from high-priced models for challenging component production in manufacturing to compact units for printing smaller items. ALSO included the first 3D printer in its portfolio in 2017, since then the distributor and technology provider has continuously expanded its offering in the area of additive manufacturing. The 3D printers and solutions that ALSO distributes now support different complete workflows in additive manufacturing up to and including the finished product.

“By further expanding our 3D technology portfolio ALSO is again increasing the range of its offerings and thereby strengthening its long-term commitment in this important growth area,” said Gustavo Möller-Hergt, CEO of ALSO Holding AG (SIX: ALSN). “We will continue to invest in this exciting sector and take new partners on board.”

With the professional 3D printers from DWS und Leapfrog and the less expensive model from Sculpto the company now offers, in addition to HP Multi Jet Fusion technology, a wide range of devices for many different uses.

The 3D printers made by DWS of Italy were developed specially for production in jewellery and dental, specific productions in general industry and all sorts of prototype work. DWS uses laser-based stereolithography (SLA) and works with an extensive range of materials and software developed in-house. ALSO additionally distributes DWS’ new DFAB product and materials for one visit dental restorations in Germany. The Dutch manufacturer’s Leapfrog FDM printers are using two print heads that can be operated separately in different modes and can also work with several materials in parallel. ALSO distributes Leapfrog’s Bolt Pro model in Europe.

Buyers of professional DWS and Leapfrog products also benefit from the expertise bundled at the ALSO European Centre of Competence for 3D Printing.

Users of the small and very easy-to-use Sculpto printer can 3D print swiftly and simply, without special previous knowledge, objects up to the size of a football in many different colours and shapes by means of the Sculpto app.

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