Monday, 22. July 2019

Thomas Schütte: summer exhibition in Bregenz

With a summer exhibition at the Kunsthaus Bregenz (KUB) from 13 July to 6 October 2019, the Düsseldorf-based artist will be showing his works both in the KUB and in the public space of the city of Bregenz.

Thomas Schütte is Germany's most important sculptor and one of the most important contemporary artists. Schütte's artistic focus also includes watercolours, drawings and models as well as installations such as the Library (2014/2017), an original scale model presented on the ground floor of the Kunsthaus Bregenz. His sculptures form the most important group of works.

Most of them are based on small wax or clay models. They are cast in large formats - up to six metres high - in bronze or steel. Schütte's series Mann im Wind I-III (2018), which will be shown in Bregenz, or the monumental Bronze Mann mit Fahne (2018), are evidence of his sculptural work. His statues are in the tradition of public sculpture. However, he does not show heroes, warriors or kings, but rather figures of toil, of waiting, of resistive dignity and mysteriousness. "They fight their way through," says the artist about them.

On the occasion of Thomas Schütte's summer exhibition at the Kunsthaus Bregenz, his works will not only be presented at the KUB, but also at various locations in public space in Bregenz. Like, for example, a steam-breathing dog made of patinated bronze on the Karl-Tizian-Platz in front of the Kunsthaus Bregenz.

Further information on the exhibition:

Bregenz Art Museum
Karl Titian Square
P.O. Box 45
6900 Bregenz

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