Friday, 26. April 2019

J.S. Ondara - Debut Album "Tales of America"

He is considered to be one of the most exciting musical discoveries of the year - the Kenyan-born American singer-songwriter J.S. Ondara.

At the beginning of the year he released his debut album „Tales of America“ which was not only a great success in USA but also had found many enthusiastic reviews in Germany and Europe: „From the first line on it was clear: this is not only a good but a phantastic voice. When in „Torch Song“ and „Television Girl“ Ondara uses for the last minute his floating falsetto, it makes listeners shiver, so beautiful it is.“ (FAZ, February 2019)

Tales of America

In his album Ondara narrates stories of America. They all are about all those little and big dreams. He himself is the epitome of a fulfilled dream of an immigrant in America. “When I came to America five years ago, all I wanted to do was to make a record. I had no leads, no knowledge of how to go about it, I couldn’t even play the guitar at the time. But I loved records so much and I had this dream that someday perhaps, I’d make one of my own.“

It is his extraordinary voice and his unique musical sensitivity that make his listeners and critics so euphoric: „In his superb debut he sings with his clear-cut voice about the American dream from the perspective of an immigrant.“

Art originates from the right grasp

The fact that Ondara's debut album is completely based on a "small format", on a purely acoustic musical experience, also fascinates Dr. Hedda in Brahm-Droege, who attended one of J.S. Ondara's two German concerts in Berlin: „Often you don't need much, in this case just the voice, to wake up great emotions and transform stories and hopes into acoustic images. The exceptional voice of J.S. Ondara is the right grasp from which art originates," says Dr. im Brahm-Droege.

J.S. Ondara is still on tour in Europe until mid-May


26.04. MANCHESTER, Castle Hotel
28.04. BRISTOL, The Louisiana
29.04. LONDON, Bush Hall
30.04. BRUSSELS, Le Nuits Botanique
02.05. BELFORT, La Poudrière De Belfort
03.05. STRASBOURG NEUHOF, Espace Django
04.05. LYON, Club Transbordeur
11.05. ROUEN, Le 106
12.05. RIS-ORANGIS, Le Plancher Des Vaches
13.05. PARIS, Nouveau Casino

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