David Hansemann House


The house and the person it is named after

By acquiring the David-Hansemann-Haus, which was an educational centre of the Deutsche Bank before, the Droege Group 1997 moved into Poststraße, within centre of Carlstadt in Düsseldorf. The building looks back on a long tradition and is listed for monument protection.

David Hansemann - businessman, politician and banker

David Hansemann, born in Finkenwerder near Hamburg on 12 July 1790, was a businessman, banker and politician, one of the leading lights of Rhineland liberalism during the first half of the 19th century. In 1817 he went into business for himself, and founded a commission business for wool. The required capital of 1,000 thalers came from his own savings. After only 5 years, he had significant assets. His commercial talent and alert mind gave rise to another business idea and in 1824 at the age of 35 he founded an insurance company, the Aachener Feuer-Versicherungs-Gesellschaft (now the Aachen-Münchener) of which he remained a director until 1848. In 1828 David Hansemann was voted onto the Aachen municipal council, and in 1832 into the provincial Rhineland parliament (Rheinischer Provinziallandtag). In 1848 he was appointed Minister of Finance, becoming a member of the Prussian Cabinet. In 1849 David Hansemann founded the Berlin-based Direction der Disconto-Gesellschaft – Germany’s leading business bank for many years – which he ran until his death in 1864. In 1929, the bank merged with its main rival, becoming the "Deutsche Bank und Disconto-Gesellschaft". In 1937 the company’s name was simplified into Deutsche Bank. Alongside Georg von Siemens, the first Chairman of Deutsche Bank, David Hansemann played an important role in preserving the bank’s heritage.

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