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Source of inspiration and creativity

"Art Concept": Art as a driver of innovation

The art concept is an integral part of our corporate philosophy. Art inspires you to look a second time: Art trains the perception of Droege Group staff and hones their entrepreneurial skills in order for them to achieve new, extraordinary solutions. Art sparks innovative ideas which flow into the design of strategies.

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A space for the Art of Implementation

In a fascinating conversation with fine arts expert Professor Michael Bockemühl in 1995, the idea was jointly developed to improve the quality and understanding of advice through art. The concept’s foundation was laid when we expanded our corporate principle "Implementation" to include the prefix "The Art of …".  


Over time selected works of art were integrated into the work environment. This includes for example the especially created installation "Grey Mirror" by Gerhard Richter, with which he interpreted the 110-percent quality standards of the company, time works by Michel Majerus or Katharina Grosse.


Arts as mediators for new perspectives

Focused interaction with art opens up the potential to cultivate conscious perception and grasp new perspectives.

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About the Art concept

The Droege Group's art concept, has been an integral part of our corporate philosophy since 1995.

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Dr. Hedda im Brahm-Droege

Interview with Weltkunst-Magazin: "About the way art echoes ones behaviour"

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ARTIST  2009
Rosa Loy

The figurative motive of Rosa Loy would be quite simply interpreted as "Women in the kitchen garden". But this scene seems distinct only at the first look. The cloths the women are wearing in their design of the 50s, the extreme resemblance of both working women, the title of the artwork "The breeding of the four elements of the kitchen" contain a riddle. The seemingly common and distinct "What" will be questioned by the "How".

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Art makes the impossible possible. Implementation developed in ways that were not possible before.

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